You’re not done at harvest. You still need to trim, dry and cure your buds before they will be ready to use.

“Curing” is the act of drying your buds slowly to preserve and enhance their taste and smell.

Curing technically starts when the plant stops getting water. From that moment on, your plant is drying and beginning the curing process. That means your plant is already beginning to cure while it’s being dried.

Drying is the first part of the curing process. It’s important to take drying cannabis down at the right time to get the best results from curing.

When the buds still have moisture in the center, their stems will bend without breaking when you apply pressure to the stem. Once the plants are dried to the middle, the stems will begin to snap instead of bend.

Your marijuana buds are ready for the next stage of the curing process once the small stems snap, but the thicker ones don’t.

After the marijuana buds have dried, it’s time to cure the bud. This is done by placing the dried buds in quart-sized mason jars.